About Us

Our Mission

The measure of our success depends on the impact of our video to your business. We aim to create the best video to promote your products and services that can reach a well-defined set of audience. The result is a sales booster tool that presents your product in the best way possible.

Whether you want to create a single video to promote a product or make a series of videos to brand your business as a whole, Mac Forumz Production can help you do both. We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee a well-thought and effective video. Come and discuss your plans with us. There is always a better way to do business.

What We Do

Our results-driven team delivers quality work from brainstorming stage until post-production. We provide all the creative aspect of producing the video as well as help you maximize its potential in reaching new prospect through promotion in any medium, especially in social media.

Our team has the right sets of skills ranging from strategic marketing, script writing, video editing, motion pictures, and content marketing. We foster teamwork while making your ideas our main source of inspiration in making a video.

What We Specialize In

Video is becoming the most effective alternative to traditional classroom learning. It can be used in lieu of text books, teacher-to-student one-on-one approach, and other traditional learning structure. We can also create demo videos that can teach your subscribers new skills or help them with their projects and home works.

We can make a video that demonstrates how something is done step-by-step. Do you like to demo to them how your resident chef bakes that magnificent cake or you want to help college students solve very complicated equations? We can record demos and educational videos as well as help stage a live and interactive teaching video where subscribers will be more engaged in the discussion.

Mac Forumz Production is a Los Angeles based video production company that delivers quality results since 1997. Our mission is to enlist your company in our roster of happy clients. Let’s help you change the way you do business. We want to hear from you how we can do that.