How To Properly Take Care Of Your Mac Computer

A Mac computer in many circles is considered as a luxury. They are a tad bit expensive than many other computers out there. Many consider it as a style statement. But there is a reason why people prefer it over other laptops. Many consider it to be more user friendly and they just plain work […]


How To Properly Take Care Of Your Mac Computer

A Mac computer in many circles is considered as a luxury. They are a tad bit expensive than many other computers out there. Many consider it as a style statement. But there is a reason why people prefer it over other laptops. Many consider it to be more user friendly and they just plain work and last longer and it looks better than most of the computers out there. But like every other electronic product out there they are prone to malfunction if they are not well taken care of. The reason they last very long is because people put proper care and effort while using them and maintaining them. Here are a few tips that would help you take care of your Mac computer better.

1. Keep your Mac computer Clean
Purchase some good quality cleaning product. While buying those products make sure that they are safe and are approved to be used on electronics and computers. So kindly check the product label before buying.

Use a lint-free, soft cloth in order to clean your computer. Always make sure that you power down your mac computer before you do any kind of cleaning.Preferably use an air-duster to remove dust from hard to reach places. So use an air brush for brushing the edges, an LCD cleaning liquid or just water for the screen, and some LCD wipes to remove oil and dust off the keyboard.

2. Avoid any physical damage to the machine
It is very obvious that any physical damage will affect the longevity of your mac computer or any other device in general so try to avoid physical damages in all cases. The mac computers are in general very sturdy and can take a beating but that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. Use a hard-bound case cover to protect the exterior of your machine. A keyboard slip cover also helps in protecting the keyboard keys from any damage. Also be a little gentle while plugging and unplugging your peripheral devices into the ports to avoid any damages. Lastly, treat your keyboard keys gently and avoid mashing them very hard in anger.

3. Avoid abrupt and hard Shutdowns
Unless you are experiencing extreme hangups or crash, you should in any case avoid holding down the power button or unplugging it to shut down your mac computer. This may cause severe damage to the machine’s logic boards and may even lead to corruption of data.

4. Software Updates
Always perform regular software updates on your system. You may not like a few features in the new update of the software but always make sure that you do it since it may contain various bug fixes and ‘under-the-hood’ changes which may increase the life of your mac computer and help it perform better. A healthy tip is avoid installing unrecognized or malicious software into your mac computer.

5. Update hardware
Like all hardware electronics, they have a predetermined life cycle. So after regular intervals say like 3-5 years make sure that you update and upgrade your hard drives and other parts as after those 3-5 years they may not perform as well as they used to.

6. Take care of your battery
While charging or discharging your battery, let your machine power down to around 5% before you fully charge it. Since the battery has a theoretical limited number of charge/discharge life cycles, it helps if you let it discharge to around 5% then charge it.

7. Regular Backup
A regular backup help increase the life of your mac computer. A regular backup of data helps you protect your data should you ever run into an irrecoverable problem.

Benefits Of Using IT Consulting For Computer Repairs

When the computer stops working or develops problems, most people consult their friends on how to go about fixing. Sometimes, it works but for a while because most of them tackle the topical problem but do not alleviate the main cause. Using computer repairs is vital because the technicians are experts in this field. IT consulting would therefore solve your computer problems for a long time giving you peace while you work on your projects.
Computer problems are varied and some of them can be easily fixed while others would require more or specialized attention. Attempting to fix on your own may lead to a permanent damage or worsening the condition especially when you are not an expert in IT. There are those who go online for solution which usually consume a lot of time and cause confusion without any viable help. Searching and finding a local IT consultant would make work seem very easy because it would be fixed effectively.
The IT friendly portland computer repairs ensures that both the hardware and the software parts of the computer are running well. The hard ware components include the motherboard, the hard disk, DVD or CD drive, power supply, radon artificial memory (RAM) and the IDE cables among others. The hard disk plays a vital role because it is on it that the operation system is installed for the computer application to run. It is also used as the storage for data which by the user. Consulting IT experts on the hard disk issues would help them to find out whether it has developed bad sectors, which means it has to be replaced.
When the IDE cables connecting the hard disk to the motherboard is fractured or old , it cannot be detected by your computer and must be replaced. The IT consultant would also be able to tell you whether the RAM (random artificial memory) is damaged or working properly. It would also be easy for the professional to assess the power supply which often get damaged in case of power surge. This is important because it protects the motherboard, which would be expensive to replace. 
After checking or the hardware components, the motherboard would also help to find out whether the computer is functioning. This component usually come as a last result because it cannot be repaired directly by most technicians because it comes from the manufacturer ready installed. If all the hardware components are good and functional the IT specialist would look at the software’s installed in the computer.
Most people have a tendency of using cheap counterfeit software’s including the operation systems. These choices are unreliable and sometimes dangerous because they can compromise the security of your computer and your data privacy. The IT specialist would ensure you get up-to-date applications that have been approved as legitimate. 
When your computer is infested by virus and malware , you would be given recommendations for the best antivirus to install which would protect your file and other stored data from being corrupt. The benefits for IT consulting are beyond reproach and have more guarantee than hiring anyone you come across.

How To Repair A Mac Computer Hard Drive

Everybody’s Mac computer breaks. At one point or another, the computer hard drive will shudder to a stop, the display hinges will not hold up anymore and the logic boards will cease functioning. It is only a matter of time. Fortunately, you are able to fix most of it just by yourself. 

Despite the prices set at Apple Stores friendly computer repair near me, Macs are remarkably durable and also quite cost-effective to fix in case you know what you are doing. Apple banks mostly on the wide majority of its users lacking computers technician skills. The Genius Bar implies that one needs to be more experienced than they actually do so as to fix some simple things on the Mac computers.

Below is a comprehensive procedure on how to repair a mac computer hard drive:

1. For safety purposes, you should go to Applications, move to Utilities, then Disk Utility, click the start-up disks in the sidebar and finally click Verify Disk so as to check it. However, when this says that something is wrong, you will have to repair it or else worse things will happen.

2. Have a backup handy readily just in case. There are chances that this can erase some data or even wipe out your entire hard drives. Therefore, keep your backup handy just in case it happens.

3. Do not reinstall Mac OS X therefore skip this step.

4. Check if the disks requires repairs. You can check out this by going into the Disk Utility, click on your disk on the sidebar and then click Verify Disk.

5. Save your work that is in all open applications

6. Turn on the sound to points which you can hear it very clearly. This will be very helpful for booting the computer into Safe Mode after you have repaired the disk.

7. Insert your installation DVD. Ensure that you don1`t do anything else with it.

8. Restart your Mac computer. This will be done by clicking on the Apple Menu then Restart.

9. When you see a white screen, start to hold down C. Do not let go until you have seen the usual Apple logo as well as the spinning wheel.

10. Click on the right pointing arrow found in the dialog box which will appear. Do not do anything else unless you need a new language.

11. Go to Utilities then Disk Utility. The disk utility is the only one which can repair disks.

12. Select your disk on the sidebar and then Click Repair Disks. Wait for some time do not turn off the Mac computer during this time.

13. Exit the installer.

14. Quit Disk Utility, choose Utilities then click on Start-Up Disk

15. Click on the disk with Mac OS X before clicking Restart.

16. Hold on the shift keys as soon as you hear the start-up sound. Do not press it before you hear the sound.

17. Keep holding the keys until a loading bar appears right at the bottom of the computer`s screen. Booting will take longer than usual therefore you will have to wait.

18. You are in now in a Safe Mode. The sound does not work, you cannot use the internet, and the dock also lags.

19. Log in and then launch Disk Utility.

20. Click on your disk in the sidebar and then click Repair Disk Permission.

21. Restart the computer normally.

22. Restore any lost data and then get back to what you were doing before.

Following these steps will aid your attempts of resolving issues if your Mac computer hard drive has any issues.

Macbook Laptop Repair Tips

If your MacBook laptop develops any fault, before you fork out money for professional laptop repairs, here are some easy MacBook repair tips to try yourself. None of these solutions risk further damages to your laptop if you carefully follow the steps. Here is the MacBook laptop repair tips.

If your laptop starts up normally, but then develops a problem after it has started like the screen freezing or even running slowly, there are a good number of tips that you can try to fix it.

1) Restart your laptop 
This has become common but it surely solves a lot of MacBook laptop problems. It is quick and easy therefore it is always worth trying it first. If your laptop`s screen has frozen, you can force a shut down by simply holding down the power button until it laptop turns off before starting up again. 

2) Back up your files Even small problems likes your laptop running slowly, could be symptoms of an even bigger issue. To avoid losing important photos and files in case the problem escalates, you should back up all your files. 3) Run laptop security checks If things are not working as smoothly as they should be or you are frequently experiencing problems, you should run security software updates. Some malicious malwares or viruses can stop your laptop from starting up but they commonly make your system to be sluggish. 4) Remove recently installed programs

If your laptop develops problems soon after you have installed a software program or device; whether you have installed it from discs or just downloaded it from the internet , you should uninstall the latest piece of software that you put on your laptop`s system.

5) Check for duplicate programs
Problems usually arise if you`ve 2 versions of similar programs running You should check if you have multiple versions of a given program running using the Control Panel that lists all programs that you have downloaded to your laptop. If you spot any duplicates, then uninstall both versions for proper functioning of your laptop.

6) Do not use more than one antivirus program
It is vital to protect your laptop with the appropriate security software. However, running 2 antivirus programs on the laptop cause conflicts on your laptop which can make the laptop to be sluggish and even cause possible laptop crashes. 
7) Check for window updates and install them This is a very straightforward way of ensuring that you are up-to- date and it should improve the performances as well as reliability of your laptop. You can also set your laptop up so as to automatically check for Windows updates.8) Carry out a system restore

This is a very powerful and effective tool in repairing MacBook laptops. It will fix a lot of PC problems by simply reverting your laptop`s system to the last state in which it was functioning well.

9) Conduct a system repair
You will require your original Windows operating system disc in order to do this. Put your disc in the drive and then restart your laptop. When it turns on, you shall see on-screen menus with various options. You should then select the repairs option 


Even if your laptop will not start properly or even fail to start at all, you might still be able to fix the problem just by yourself. 

a) Check your connections
If you have got a laptop, you might be having laptop problems just because one of the cables inside the laptop has become loose, especially if you have moved your laptop around recently. Open up the laptop casing properly and check for any connection defaults.

b) Check if your laptop battery is OK
If you are running your laptop off its battery, you should try to plug it into the mains power. In case it starts to work, then it is probably the best time for a new battery. 

c) Start up in safe mode
Try starting up your laptop in ‘safe mode’. In order to do this, as soon as you switch it on, repeatedly press F8 key. You`ll be presented with an on-screen menu. You should then select ‘safe mode’. This will allow you to start up your laptop and in most cases will enable you to investigate further problems including running security scans. 

In the event that none of the above MacBook laptop repair tips works, it mean might some of your hardware is damaged for instance your motherboard or hard drive. You should then contact computing helpdesk so as to find your options. It is relatively easy to install new hard drives in MacBook laptops, but it is much trickier with majority of the laptops and a lot of require qualified engineers.